Anastasia Chukovskaya
Journalist, media trainer, publisher
Budapest & Moscow
As a journalist I was lucky to work for the less dependent editorials in Russia: as a producer in the Snob Media project, TVRain and Kommersant TV, being in charge of the whole creative and technical process for several programs that went on air.

I currently live in Budapest and teach journalism at the UNIC Institute of Culture via webinars to young students all over Russia: from Sakhalin and Vladivostok to Sochi and Kaliningrad.

Three years ago I was fortunate to join the team of Individuum publishing house. Since then I have been in charge of finding new authors for nonfiction books focusing on Russia's most serious problems: human rights, politics, economics, healthcare and more. The book I co-wrote about the life and work of Russia's only disabled TV-star became a bestseller last year.

In recent years covering Russia's alarming domestic issues as well as Hungary's has been very important for me: there are new laws about the so-called 'undesirable organisations', 'foreign agents', LGBT propaganda, about HIV and Hepatitis epidemics, Lex CEU and more.
Work experience
Curator at the GAIDPARK debates in Armenia 2018
I was one of four curators in Gaidar Foundation's summer school. 120 participants — university students in economics and social sciences from the distant regions of Russia and the CIS countries — debated on social issues during a seven-day intensive programme. It's an amazing format that helps build friendships as well as understand the variety of problems faced by economists, sociologists and public administrators as they plan and introduce reform.
Creative director at Individuum publishing ltd.
Responsible for research, finding new authors in Russia and abroad, special projects, scouting for new books on the international market and consulting editorial board on trends since 2015
Journalism department leader in UNIC
Developing faculty strategy; hiring new staff; writing courses' syllabi; tutoring students with disabilities; editing and launching department's website; producing creative writing, travel journalism, investigative journalism master-classes. Leading International journalism webinars, interviewing professionals from all over the world about trends in media, legislation and problems journalists are facing in the USA, Sweden, France, Israel, Hungary, Ukraine, Afghanistan, etc.;
since 2013
Head of the Special Projects Department at Kommersant TV
Creating department strategy; managing budgets and deadlines; launching channel ID and promo; special video features linking all Kommersant media businesses: visualisation of all Kommersant projects, including periodicals and radio; launching Leonid Parfenov's pre-election talk-show with the presidential candidates and opposition leaders; producing live coverage of Moscow protests; collaboration with the marketing and sales departments and all Kommersant's journalists (newspaper, radio, TV, website)
Producer for TVRain channel
Launching, producing, budgeting TV projects 'Red October',
'Books','Day in the Big City'; producing promo; promoting
projects in social media; working with authors, presenters, illustrators,
journalists and all the technical staff; also with sales and PR
Producer for Snob
Producing special issues' audio versions and video
version of the main
articles; producing interviews all over the world; working with the
production staff; producing video lectures; Snob TV concept;
launching 'Snob Show'.
Assistant director
Zadig Production for BBC, ARTE, France-2
Assistant director for Nino Kirtadze's Durakovo: Village of Fools documentary (Winner Best Director 2008 Sundance Film Festival) Administrative tasks including accreditations and visas for the crew; fllm producing; pre-interviewing characters; research.
Intern at the BBC Moscow bureau
Researching and producing stories for radio and TV; accreditations; fixer for the 2006 G8 summit coverage; Jonathan Charles' fixer for his radio documentary on AIDS in Russia; finding contacts; simultaneous translation; business letters; from politics and the economy to environment and social issues.

Moscow State University Journalism department

ELTE Film Academy Budapest


Russian (Native)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)
Hungarian (Pre-Intermediate)

+36 30 907 46 56
Anastasia Chukovskaya
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